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Namjoon got the moves~ 
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1) Name your top boy band and girl band

infinite & 2ne1

2) Favorite kpop merch you own? 

vixx poster signed by KEN

3) Whats your lockscreen and homescreen wallpaper?

self-taken pic of b.a.p & jongup from their recent concert 

4) Any kpop dances you learned?

got7’s girls, girls, girls ; crayon pop’s barbarbar (haha)

5) Whats your otp? 


6) Favorite song at the moment? 

stop it by bap ; just one day by bts

7) Put your itunes on Shuffle, skip 5 times. What did you get?

push push by sistar

8) Latest kpop event that happened in your city? (not necessarily concert)

b.a.p loe concert in dallas ( jongup, himchan, & daehyun noticed me >3< ) 

9) Ultimate bias?

cl from 2ne1

10) Kpop groups you think are underrated? 

f(x) & vixx & exo 

11) Favorite drama ost? 

that winter, the wind blows ost 


my questions:

  1. favorite tumblr?
  2. favorite drama?
  3. favorite book?
  4. favorite song?
  5. bias group?
  6. exo or bap? sorry i just had to put this
  7. comeback you’re anticipating the most?
  8. favorite rookie group/artist?
  9. first kpop song you’ve heard?
  10. have you been to kpop concert? if so, whose?
  11. if you were to be a character from a movie/book/show/drama/etc, who would you be & why?


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